“Refuse to die, refuse to submit! We have been cast down by the so-called Greater Gods; defeated, but not destroyed. We REFUSE to die!

“Gather here, Damned Deities and Demigods of the Universe!

“We will create and manage our own world. Built upon a foundation of seething suppressed hatred, puissant passive aggression, and apathetic aesthetic superiority, our refusal will grow into an ultimate revenge.”
~The Mighty Hen, moments before her True Demise.

Refuse is a patchwork world created by a hodge-podge of Petty Gods who have been kicked out of their own pantheons or faded from lack of worship. Inspired by “Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded Edition” by New Big Dragon Games Unlimited, this is a first edition Dungeons and Dragons game where the gods have stolen the players from a real world to add substance to the one they have cobbled together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


A World Called REFUSE